Complementary solutions – ranging from great web and app design to timely software implementation.


We are hungry for novelties and watch closely the ever-changing world of IT. We make sure that our software is based on stable, scalable and secure solutions. We approach each project individually, choosing the best technological stack to achieve the client’s business objectives at the lowest financial expenditures.

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We utilize the most popular and safest technologies on the market, thanks to which we flexibly adapt to our clients’ needs. The solutions we provide our clients with always support their business goals.

#How we work

Process & Workflow

We operate within the SCRUM framework – this method allows for quick verification of assumptions and their potential correction while still in the development stage. If you entrust us with your project, you will receive a guarantee of quality code, maximum product customization and, most importantly, meeting the deadline.

1. Project Research

The common denominator for the client brief and the technical side of a project. Documentation describing functions and mechanisms of the designed product and its market environment.


Building a functional and simple mockup of a website or an application, which allows us to illustrate the activity of its most important functions.

3. Design

On the basis of functional mockups and the client’s corporate identity elements, we design the look of particular sections of the website and the application. Both desktop and mobile screens are designed.


The most enjoyable part of the project – the front-end designers cut and style the approved graphic designs and the back-end designers program all the required functions.


We check if everything works as it should. Our testers check different scenarios and our programmers introduce recommended improvements.

6. Instalation, Performance & Go life

It’s time for us to move from our development environment to the target client environment. The last round of testing and optimization of the project performance and at last, the final launch!